GINA DE PASQUALE                        Owner-Designer

Fashion Institute of Design – AA, Interior design
San Diego State University – BA, Interior Design

  • Space Planning
  • Kitchen & Bath Design
  • Project Coordination
  • Outdoor Spaces / Landscaping
  • Repurpose Green Projects
  • Cabinetry / Furniture Design
  • Art / Lighting / Accessories
  • Organizing / Staging

Design What You Love

Gina De Pasquale enjoys all types of creative art and design. Having attended design schools on both coasts, she has a diverse base in design principals, both interior and exterior. She successfully incorporates architectural history, aspects of nature and modern lifestyles. Through her love for worldly travel, personal experience and inspiration from her design heroes, she makes her spaces come alive.

Gina De Pasquale loves many design avenues, from architecture to landscaping, space planning to furniture design, acquiring artwork to creating custom pieces. She enjoys making each project a unique, interesting, clean and functional space that speaks to all styles. From Modern to Traditional, she incorporates color, texture and personal objects of interest. Her ability to mix color and materials in new and interesting combinations are what defines her design style. Ever conscious of waste, she enjoys using green, recycled or salvaged materials and strives to build something unique for everyone. By coordinating client vision and maximizing budgets for residential or commercial, Gina designs with integrity and passion to achieve the best design solution possible.  

She currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys hiking in the mountains with her dogs, motorcycling, flea marketing, adventurous travels and making custom design projects.